Take a Poll on Plagiarism in the Digital Age!

A poll in preparation for an upcoming guest post from Roey Ahram, expert in education equity issues and urban school reform, as well as photographer extraordinaire (featured in The Local East Village New York Times). His post is in response to Imposters and Doppelgangers: Plagiarism Remixed.

2 thoughts on “Take a Poll on Plagiarism in the Digital Age!

  1. People like to say “great minds think alike,” but what that really means is “obvious problems have obvious solutions.” I can come up with a great idea completely on my own, and have it be identical to a idea that someone else came up with completely on their own. Neither one of us is psychically plagiarizing the other, we just had the same idea. You’re not plagiarizing until you read someone else’s idea and represent it falsely to others as your own. I would add that 99% of plagiarizing is not someone consciously being a douchebag and stealing people’s work, but someone “forgetting” something that they already knew, and then remembering it, which they perceive as synthesizing it. I do this with songs all the time, I will write a new song that I am really into, and then two weeks later realize that its just the theme from “My Three Sons” with one note changed.

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