Write. Create. Make.: A solution. Not a resolution.

I’ll say it. My 2014 Year in Review from WordPress is sad, just sad. And though the graphics are fun (thanks, WP), my work on this site has not been fireworks worthy. Let’s just take my 2014 Posting Patterns as an example…

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 2.28.51 PM
Click image to see the complete pitiful, sorry excuse for a report.

Posting patterns? Pretty pitiful. I didn’t have a “posting pattern.” I was in an avoidance holding pattern. Sure there was a lot going on this year, but I don’t need excuses. To be blunt: The sustained intensity of the dissertation processes in concert with the massive amount of other critical and creative…and really exciting…scholarly work I had been engaged in for the last couple of years had left me a little tired, a little wrung out to dry, and thus, a little hesitant to engage in any kind of writing, creating or making that was not absolutely, utterly necessary. And yet, I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed the rush, the spark, the energy I get while writing, creating, and making in order to keep writing, creating and making.

So, what am I going to do about it?

Write. Create. Make.: A solution. Not a resolution.

First, I’m posting this. Rough and off the cuff. Posted. And I have another post or two in the works. Keep an eye out for them, will you? You can help me be accountable.

I also came across two #clmooc-style “makes” that I’ve already begun.

The first comes from Edwina, an Irish girl who was looking to (in my words) stay present and reflective throughout 2014. She recorded video every day and arranged them into one-second clips. The result is really mesmerizing—even for this perfect stranger. I am sure the process was as fulfilling as it looks like her year was.

One second, one push of a button on a device I already have on me, one day at a time. That’s the kind of bar to making I was looking for—nice and low. And what a way to stay present. I imagine it would be quite difficult to stay in an avoidance pattern while engaged in such practices of presence and reflection. Cheers, Edwina.

Finally, the last two summers I had the opportunity to work with several wonderful educators as part of the National Writing Project’s Making Learning Connected MOOC or #clmooc—among them Kim Douillard and Janet Ilko. In the last couple of weeks they’ve each been considering, writing, and posting about how single words, endued with meaning by the people who use them, can help frame, focus and further our efforts in life. Kim had chosen “play” for 2014 and is looking to “explore” in 2015. Janet focused on “purpose” in 2014 and is living with “intention” in 2015.

After much consideration (and loving the post-season half-off purchase I made; see image below), I decided on “joy” as my 2015 One Little Word or #olw. I want to find, rekindle, and bask in the joy of life, of writing, of creating, of making—even the joy that comes through the struggle of each of these. With the thoughtfulness I hear the #olw provides, the prospects are pretty good that 2015 will be a year brimming with joy.

As always, I apologize that WordPress has begun to force ads on each post. Please ignore any ad that follows. I have not vetted and do not support whatever is advertised below.

4 thoughts on “Write. Create. Make.: A solution. Not a resolution.

  1. Thanks for the reminder about WP’s annual reports, made me scurry off and find it. Glad you are going to be the comeback kid. Keep on.

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