The Project for the Advancement of our Common Humanity

photo-11I am pleased to announce that in my final doctoral year, I have been invited to be a part of NYU’s Project for the Advancement of our Common Humanity led by the great thinkers and scholars Niobe Way, Carol Gilligan and Pedro Noguera. This year I will be writing posts after each of the monthly public lectures and think tank meetings in order to continue the conversation online with interested others from around the world.

The Project for the Advancement of our Common Humanity (PACH) is an emerging think tank, funded by the NoVo foundation and based at New York University, that is designed to engage researchers, policymakers, practitioners, activists, educators, artists, and journalists in a series of conversations focused on what we have learned from science and practice regarding what lies at the root of our crisis of connection and what we can do to create a more just and humane world. Presently, PACH entails a public lecture series and monthly conversations with 50 senior level professionals.

Tweets from just our first meeting promise this will be an engaging and important project to follow! Here is a list of a few members of PACH who use Twitter.

Tweets from the Inaugural #NYUPACH Meeting

  1. At inaugural meeting of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity. A diverse group engaging in a necessary conversation. #pach
  2. #pach – excited to be part of a new collective. Talking about how we are connected & not about what divides us.
  3. Niobe Way @youthresistance is discussing her research w/young men who in late adolescence equate “caring” = “femininity” = “lame” #pach
  4. Boys’ desires for love and connection reflect a deep understanding of our shared humanity. -Niobe Way #pach
  5. #pach aims to dwell in the ecotone, where the soil is richest.
  6. Carol Gilligan discussing paradox of girls who feel their voices are “too” ___. If voiced, cld not be in a relationship. If not, rlly in relationship? #pachThu, Sep 26 2013 16:25:14
  7. Girls’ “I don’t know” “I don’t know” covers what girls do know. -Carol Gilligan #pach
  8. @digitalarun Yes & DIY & #connectedlearning & #maker movements,yes?We assert our “common humanity”through destabilizing material power #pach
  9. We need messages about our common humanity “in the water supply” rather than an intervention or a single movement. -Niobe Way #pach
  10. At #pach @PedroANoguera is discussing how we need a shift in our nation’s conversation.We need the stories that resonate & are filled w/hope
  11. Niobe Way: although we lose our “humanity” as we become adults, what’s important is that we don’t start off that way. #pach
  12. Wendy Puriefoy: we need to recalculate the human infrastructures of our society. they are threadbare. #pach
  13. Carol Gilligan: The consensus in human sciences is that we have been asking the wrong ?s about humanity. It’s now: How do we lose it? #pach
  14. How do we bring power and love back together? -@mallikadutt #pach
  15. @writerswriting and shifting it from faceless to human, individual to collaborative #sharingeconomy #collcons #pach
  16. really important to bring questions of inequality, power & power structures into *this* conversation @mallikadutt at #PACH
  17. We have come to accept the unacceptable. -@PedroANoguera #pach #shitzreal
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