Inspired by educators, my commitments for fall 2020

Luckily for me, this summer I had the chance to teach a course called #tch432 Technologies Across the Disciplines and even with all the pressing stresses of now, it was a breath of fresh air.

I was reminded again of the commitment educators have to do right by their students. Of course there are exceptions in this world, but not in the group with whom I’ve had the privilege to work.

I have seen teachers rethinking their favorite tried-and-trues due to issues of equity that remote teaching in the middle of a global pandemic brought to light. I have seen teachers commit to critical openness to others’ world views balanced with more urgency to speak up about and take action in combating systemic racism in the structures and practices of schooling. I have seen teachers try new tools, means of expression, and ways of connecting via new media–even when it is frustrating and out of their wheelhouse–in the hopes of widening their network of colleagues and broadening their own repertoire of tools to have at their disposal.

I felt reenergized and ready to make a few commitments of my own for Fall 2020. Thanks to amazing colleagues like Dr. Robyn Seglem (@rseglem) and Dr. Shamaine Bertrand (@dr_s_bertrand), among others, I have already been able to begin:

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