Connecting at a distance

This week educators in our Instructional Technology in Educational Settings course at Illinois State University in the United States are connecting with educators in a Computer Assisted Language Learning course at the American University in Cairo, Egypt taught by Maha Bali and Tom Wolsey for a comment exchange!

In both of our courses, we’ve been blogging, podcasting, and otherwise creating media as we’ve worked through our courses as a way to learn and connect, and importantly learn through connecting!

In our course, this week we are particularly thinking about making connections across contexts that differ. We’re thinking about things like:

  • What do we need to keep in mind as we see posts & media created by others in contexts that differ from ours?
  • How do we respond in critical, creative, and thoughtful ways that allow connection across distance?
  • At the same time, when those messages are harmful to ourselves or others–which happens more often to the same people who are targeted offline in our societies–what are the steps we take to not just disconnect ourselves, but prevent future harm?

Below are the sites we set up to explore in this course. Everyone’s site is set up a little differently. So you may need to click around to find posts that interest you or where to comment.

We’ve been thinking about models and theories of instructional design with technologies. So you may see posts about that. We’ve also been working through redesigning some of our instruction. So you may find posts about that too!

Developing Writers (skip this one, it’s mine and you’re already here)
7th Grade Math 4Ever
Writing with Weis (Blog)
Learning a Mindset in 1st
Math in the Middle
Face Masks in Fourth
High School Bio Teacher Chronicles
A “Primo” Biology Class
3rd Grade Enthusiast
AdEd Sandbox
Technological, mathematical world
Connecting in the Middle
Just a little while…
Redhead Special Ed
Meet Me in the Middle
Our Connected & Reflective Educator Sites

Our courses are connected through Equity Unbound, a “emergent, collaborative curriculum which aims to create equity-focused, open, connected, intercultural learning experiences across classes, countries and contexts” that you can connected to as well! Join us!

Image from Equity Unbound

Here are our sites that are still under construction, but coming soon!

Engaging Minds with Technology

Learning & Sharing In Our World Today 

Building a Strong Foundation

General Music in High School

Playing with New Tools 

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