Crowdsource #AERA21 NAVIGATION TIPS with me

Okay, as per usual, it’s going to be friends and colleagues that are going to get us through.

Here’s my contribution: A 5-minute video on navigating the AERA Virtual Platform, including:

  • how to find your schedule
  • how to add sessions
  • how to “favorite” sessions
  • and then how to find them
  • I also show where another 5-minute video is on how to present (screenshare, turn on video, mic, etc.)

**Update! Below my video is a new 3-minute video from Lanette Jimerson showing us how to have a one-on-one video call with our friends & colleagues…just as if we were waiting at a sandwich cart or in the coffee line!

Please drop your suggestions, tips, and questions in the comments and we’ll start to crowdsource solutions!

5-minute Screencast on Navigating the Virtual Platform
*New* 3-minute Screencast Virtual Chat Video Calls by Lanette Jimerson

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