#literacies chat: The Reboot


As many of you know, after an intriguing semester collaborating across our courses in New Literacies and Content Area Literacies, using the hashtag #literacies on Twitter, Emily Pendergrass (Lecturer at Vanderbilt University and @Dr_Pendergrass on Twitter) and I (@writerswriting on Twitter) wanted to take advantage of the momentum built by having so many of our colleagues think with us about the demands and dimensions of contemporary literacies. Using our course hashtag, we began the #literacies chat which runs weekly on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM EST on Twitter.

The #literacies network of educators, researchers and theorists built quickly and expanded to include international colleagues, grad students, in-service teachers, and many others working related fields. Several of these folks became my shortlist for #FF including: @klbz, @mhall78, @allistelling@Jessifer, @JRRockwall, @linlouj, @mday666, @cjprender@ryanrish. (If you’re a #literacies regular and I missed you on this list, I am sorry! I have been away—see Part I and Part II—and I’m trying to do this from memory!)

Already we have discussed:

  • Our priorities and commitments when it comes to contemporary literacies. (Topic here. Summarized here.)
  • Ideas that frame our thinking about “literacies.” (Topic here. Archived here.)
  • The deceptively simple definition of “text.” (Topic here. Archived here.)
  • Swapping syllabi–a chat that extended across two productive weeks of exchange. (Topic here. Archived here.)
  • The role time plays in contemporary literacies. (Topic here. Archived here.)

We then took a short summer break, and this Thursday we are “rebooting” (thus the reason for the Spiderman image) the #literacies chat with the very important topic #Literacies with Diverse Learners. As Emily Pendergrass said in her chat topic description:

[There are] dumbfounding disparities within our schools and communities. Economic, ethnic, and achievement differences are greater in the US than in other countries. So…

  • How can contemporary literacies help build learning successes with diverse learners?
  • How can we revive the flat line among all our students and promote achievement and understandings?
  • What role does contemporary literacies play in reviving achievement and closing the gap?

In the coming months, we are looking forward to several guest hosts with great topics. We’ll have @ryanrish and his crew hosting about multimodality. @MaryAnnReilly is going to lead us in deep discussion on remix. And the team at @HybridPed, led by @allistelling, is going to host a chat on hybrid pedagogies for these contemporary times.

I hope you’ll join us Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM EST on Twitter using the hashtag #literacies! (Directions on how to do that here.) Check out our #literacies chat blog for a calendar and descriptions of upcoming topics and links to archives from past chats.

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