There’s Literacy and There are Contemporary Literacies

Where did these come from?

 Via Twitter, I came across the idea from Mrs. Baldwin and her class at Anastasis Academy to use the memo below (claimed to be given to Apple employees on their first day of work) as inspiration to do some end-of-semester reflection in a content area literacy and language development course on what it means to be literate. Above are some of the responses that all coincidentally chose a similar starting point:

There’s literacy and then there are contemporary literacies.

The letters above were typed in the online program, a website dedicated to creating a digital space for s…l…o…w…. composition. (And for you teachers out there, they are looking to do some pilots in 6-12th grades. Check it out!) As stated on their site:

Since the explosion of digital, we think people are communicating more, but saying less. People don’t write letters anymore and we think that is sad (and a problem). We have forgotten how to really write, see the personality in someone’s written word, and how to slow down the creation of deeper and better communication.

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