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Poll: Up for Conversation?

I take the idea of “conversation” seriously.

In fact, I just tweeted about it this week. For a whole week I was stuck trying to figure out how to frame a very small passage of my dissertation. It wasn’t until I was talking to a friend about his dissertation —> that led me to read something —> that got me thinking about a whole new framework for another section —> that I bounced off my chair in an email —> that resulted in an exchange with another regarding another project. So incredibly productive.

I actually started this blog once my first book was published—not as a publicity stunt, but because the words—and more importantly, all the ideas and conversations and teaching and learning moments those words embodied—were sitting still on those pages. I wanted to breathe them back into life. And although I can see the great number of readers and clicks and shares (thank you!), I’d love to get more of you commenting…and in turn, us conversing!