The View from Here

In a recent Skype conversation in our Introduction to Educational Technologies course with special guests who shared their experiences working toward equity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US and Denver, Colorado, US, one of the graduate teachers said,

These kinds of conversations have and can strengthen not only one’s Professional Learning Network (PLN), but also an understanding of what is going on it the world.

From this sentiment, “The View from Here” collaborative map was born! Below we are gathering multiple stories of your experiences and perspectives on education from different schooling contexts around the world. And you’re invited to join the conversation!

Consider the current theme, navigate to where you are, drop a pin, and share a bit of what is happening in your ‘neck of the woods’ and how that relates to your perspective (in word, image, or video).

Current Theme: What are the ‘hot topics’ in terms of technology & education at your school site? 

More Specific Directions

To add your own pin, click on the enlarge icon on the right. Once there, click on “Edit” on the right. Edit tools will pop up.

  1. Click on the pin icon at the top left of the map, and then click on the map where you’d like to “drop”  it.
  2. You can add text in the text box, and/or an image or video by clicking on the camera icon.
  3. You can also change the icon after you post by clicking on the paint bucket for the style options. (You can even upload your own icon.)
More Sources of Inspiration for this Map

For the last few years, I have been involved in the Connected Learning Massive Open Online Collaboration (#clmooc), and a participant Daniel Bassill suggested we create a map to see where everyone was joining from. It was exciting as we saw pins dropping all around the globe!

More mapping projects from CLMOOC in the CLMOOC Make Bank here!


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