Don’t Blink! My NY Comic Con Report is Here!

UPDATE: Post is now live! (That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the little cosplay vid below though…) Here’s the Post: New York Comic Con and the Literacies of Fandom

On Sunday, a field report from my first New York Comic Con will be featured on Peter Gutierrez’s Connect the Pop site, a School Library Journal blog exploring pop culture, transliteracy and critical thinking.

Until then, enjoy this clip of my encounter with a most dedicated Weeping Angel cosplayer who frightened convention-goers (including me, I turned just in time!) for hours as they moved their way across the convention floor. If you don’t know the reference, “Don’t blink!” you’re missing out. I’ve heard that Doctor Who Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix. Time to do your pop culture homework.

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